DateTime conversion

I Want to convert this “05SEP” String into “dd-MM-yyyy” format that is 05-09-2021(Current year) how to do it??? Help me


Try this.



CDate(YourStringVar & "2021").toString("dd-MM-yyyy")

kindly note:
will return not the mentioned one date 5th sep 2021

I am having this “05SEP” string value in a variable shall use variable in this expression


Use solution provided by @ppr

We need to append the year with date.

I want to dynamic year, If next year comes means I would mention 2022, is their any expression to mention the currrent year



Try below expression.

just end the word year with the r in your code

Screenshot 2021-10-18 161907

what modification I have to do it in this expression


It should be like this.


Here, Extracted_Estimated_Date variable of type String and it holds the Date and Month.

Showing error, ‘(’ expected showing like this


Put dot . after year. It should be like this Now.Year.ToString

Like this only I have mentioned

What is the exact modification that I have to do shown by notification Please do explain it bro

Thanks Bro Have Got the Expected Output