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Hello there ,
i`ve a dropdown list which contains everyday dates for every month ,
i want to search for some stuff on the system weekly every Thursday only ,and for the next 5 working days
Ex. todays is thursday 14/11/2019 .
i want to select
17/11 18/11 19/11 20/11 21/11 from the drop downlist date

Hi @omarmohamed93,

Please check the below xaml to get current month all Thurdays date, you can make your selector dynamic with that value and pass it. For the subsequent 5 days you can get the values by Add Days to the Thursday date.

GetThursdaysFromMonth.xaml (7.9 KB)

thanks for your fast response , i will test it and will inform you with the results

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well its making the job i need but it gets the dates for this month .
i dont want that i just want it to check if today is thursday get the next working day , thats it and should stop on that not checking every thursday within the month
what should i change ?


Check with this one and add the number of working days you need in the True part of the IF activity.

CheckTodaysDay.xaml (9.9 KB)

GetThursdaysFromMonth.xaml (10.3 KB) i have made some modifications and got the result i wanted
thanks for your help
God bless ya <3

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