Date Values in row.tostring

Hello, if someone can help me.

In a for each row cycle, compose an email but the values are not the same

Subject =row(“subject”).ToString

Excel: Via Verde Outubro 2020
Email: Via Verde October AAAA

This is odd. It’s unlikely but using a value by directly referencing inside the table might be causing some issue.
Can you try assigning it to a variable and use the variable in the Subject field?
Also try printing it to console with Write Line or Log Message.


Can you share use the sample subject screen and output screen

You can hide the sensitive data


i realized that get values from excel that i can get from system isn’t the better solution, so i was able to resolve this issue using.

DateTime.Now.ToString(" MMMM ", System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture(“PT”)).ToString.ToUpper +System.DateTime.Now.Year.ToString

however i think the issue is because i have in excel formules in PT to get month and year but ui path is no converting correctly.

thanks for all replys.

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