Date Selection from Excel and update in web application(MakeMyTrip)

Can anyone help me in selecting date from excel sheet and paste in MMT site.
i have a set of data in excel. so cannot hard code particular date.
need to fetch output for single date and paste in excel. And again go for new date.
Please help!!!

@Pallavi_Moharir You can maybe Start with using Workbook Read Range Activity and Get the Data in Excel in the Form of Datatable. Then you can Perform a Fro Each Row operation on the Output Datatable. Then you can use a Type Into Activity to Enter the value from Excel into the website.

I’m doing fine in fetching data from excel.
i can read it and fetch other fields like source destination.
But i’m stuck at date selection code.


@Pallavi_Moharir Are you having issues in Scraping the Date Value using Get Text Activity? If so can you Open the Selector in UiExplorer and make sure the Selector is Valid and send the Screenshot of the Selector.

Datepicker1.xaml (13.5 KB)
i have tried this for selecting date.
Please suggest.
i have not used selector.

@Pallavi_Moharir I guess we would need to know, what exactly you would want to perform :sweat_smile: I don’t see you’re Iterating the values present in Excel as well ? Can you maybe provide a Process explanation in Steps?

Main.xaml (37.3 KB)
Hope you get this workflow now.:slight_smile:

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@Pallavi_Moharir To just be sure, you are facing problem in retrieving the Date value using Get Text right ? Or Can you tell me the Exact problem that you are facing?

Also you have not provided the Outputs for Get Text Activities and Get Full Text Activity in the Workflow. The variable CDate1 value is not present or not assigned.


To select the date from make my trip

Try using like this in the workflow

test(Autosaved).xaml (18.4 KB)

Hope it helps you