Date Scraping

one of the data that I want to scrap is the date data. I am fine with scraping eg 12/12/2012 dates, but when i scrap single digit date, such as 06/09/2012, it will be appended onto excel as 9/6/2012. This will give me a problem when I want to run this “DateTime.ParseExact(edate, “dd/MM/yyyy”, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)”. Any suggestions or ideas on this?

How about this.
go to excel and format your cell as per the expected date format.

Hello, I’ve tried this method and it doesnt work as the day and month were already swapped when we scrapped the data out. Hence, it is still an error.

If patter remains same for all the single digit dates then why don’t you swap the date and month.

The pattern does not remain for all the data. Let me show you in graphics what is the problem that i am facing, maybe it will help us better understand.

I am not getting why only for single-digit dates the format is not consistent.


I use add column row and on data array, I used this
and it works.

Hi I have been facing the same issue. Do you have a sample of the solution?