Date regex

Hi everyone,
Need to create a regex for any format of date:
Currently the regex which i ended up creating is considering following format also date: 10977 abc 7238274
Can anyone please help

we would assume that this part is meant and should reflect a date: e.g a DOB fro year 1977

as the first part is ambigious at 2 levels:

  • unclear possition of day, month
  • 1digit per part

we would recommend to analyse for more stabilizations.

Further ambigious Samples:

  • 11277 - can be sencond nov, first dec
  • 9577 can be 5th sep, 9th may

We also keep in mind that ParseExcact will fail, when the date string is ambigious e.g set format to dMyy, Mdyy

From regex viewpoint we can look in this direction (assumption in the middle we do get the month and there is no 14th day of a 18th month in the year 78)