Date Picker process

I have a process where I have to download a Report from a web page once a month.
If i were to download the report on June 1st the report that needs to be downloaded needs to be the date between May 1 -May 31 the first and last of the day of the previous month. Then in July when the automation runs it needs to download the reports from June 1st -June 310 (Same process every month). The website has a date picker that has 3 different options to choose the date. Slider bar, type date into, and push the over arrow till reached date. I think the best way to go is to just type the dates into the two fields. I have attached a screen shot of the date picker. Any help would be appreciated or ideas. I also listed the steps of my process below.
date picker

  1. Log into web application and navigate to reports page.(Done)
  2. Filter what type of report wanted.(Done)
  3. Filter dates in date picker form the first day of the last month to the last day of the last month.(Current status)
  4. Download report
  5. Email report


Is it possible for you to share the website so us can take a look?

I cant show the website. I can click into the start date and end date field of the calendar. would a type into activity work for those two type into fields?


Could you right click the DatePicker and then Inspect?

share a print screen, please

Let us see what kind of code there is behind it


I can see only the start date there, no end. It does not look like the date picker but the label

Check a look at this two activities: “Get Attribute” and “Set Web Attribute”. You must find the variables within it and then set it mannualy.

Amost there

Good luck

Does this help ?


This does not help :frowning:
Did you kept looking and found the correct selector?