Date Picker on a non editable field

I have to select Date from Calendar and Start date & End date field is non editable. I have to generate a report every week by changing the Start and End date so I want to take input from outside source(Excel sheet). Due to non editable field I cannot use Type into activity. Please let me know what is way to deal with this.

for reference I am providing the selectors of Start Date field.


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hope this activity could resolve your issue

If your date is dynamic then youi can go for below function

Thanks. Can you help me with below issue.

I got my solution using set text activity. But when I am taking input from Excel sheet my date is converting from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY 00:00:00 and due to this issue I am not able to achieve this scenario. I am reading cell of excel where I have mentioned date as 07/10/2019 but it is converting to 07/10/2019 00:00:00 after entering to application.

@navincemk Change your date format refer this and let me know

Thanks Buddy. It worked for me.


Hope it’s useful