Date picker in App has too much padding

Seems that the date picker in Apps has to much padding and is not fully displayed. The top-bottom border is not displayed.
This issue didn’t occurred in the past days.

This is the configuration:

And container:

Please try to do in mid padding and center this will work.

can’t see any padding configuration for date picker, can you show me?

Can you please DM me your exported .uiapp so the engineering team can take a look?

Hi, I have attached it here,
TestDatePicker.uiapp (82.9 KB)


I have looked at your code and this is known issue as per my understanding. Container has a default 8 px Padding and you can’t set into Studio. If you expand container then this works but you will have a lot of space.

If you disable the padding into inspect element you can see this is working perfect.

So its issue with jam jam form control class element I am not sure if the apps internal code set this too.

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This is a bug and meanwhile you can try below.

couple of steps
step 1: For the date picker control, don’t set the alignment to “Stretch”
step 2: Increase the size of the container to avoid the cut in runtime