Date mismatch

I have created one flow. Purpose of this flow is to download the reports in daily manner. For ex today it will download the yesterday transactions. My problem is i’m trying to download the yesterday transaction but it will select last month dates. This is my calendar control from this control September month only selected but it select the Aug month date(29-08-2020). Can some one help me on this n image


May be the selector is fixed at Aug Month, that the reason you are selecting the Aug Month

Can you share the selector?


Hi @ksrinu070184
Thank you.

@vivek_sivam HI, Can you please provide the link where from you are operating the calendar because it can be fixed with the selector


Can you share the selector, not the activities, you have 3 bars in the activity, click that and edit selector


Hi @rajanrao1 Thanks
You need calendar control or which one

Hi @ksrinu070184 I have used 3 selector
one for date, month and year
Below one is for Date selecions

tyr to convert dtArr(1).tostring to integer first then place it here