Date is not displaying in this format (dd/MM/yy)

Date is not displaying in this format (dd/MM/yy)
Actual this is my date which i have stored in excel sheet: 07-09-2015
and i want to display this date into message box
i am using this method to display the date: row.Item(“BIRTH_DATE”).ToString.Replace("/","")
this is the output which i am getting

Input: 07-09-2015
Expected output: 07092015
Actual output what i am getting now:

How to implement this?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Fine then use this expression in message box


Cheers @NervousTuber

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yeah i am already using this , but i am not getting expected output which i need

i need to display this date “07-09-2015” into “07092015” this format…

not like this

I have updated the previous comment
Pls check


Thanks for your help <3 its working fine

Never format date by string replace, use proper globalization!

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