Date is a Leap Year

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I am trying a give a random date and would like to identify whether that year falls into Leap Year or not.


IsDate() or DateTime.TryParse() will give you true or false if the string is a date. So, if you take the Year from the date and use it on the month and day, then you can check if it’s a date.

I ran a test for this using this line of code:


First one was TRUE and second one was FALSE.


Year Mod 4 = 0

where Year should be pciked up from your date …

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We have a Microsoft inbuilt option to check the leap year


You need to pass year in this from your date.
If you have a string datetime then convert it to datetime and then use the above line of code


Thank you, it worked

While the Mod 4 method may suffice in 99% of cases, you might want to instead use the other two methods suggested if you are dealing with a data set that stretch over a long time. e.g. year 1900 and 2100 are not leap years.

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