Date Format type in Taxonomy

I am getting a ‘DataType propety mistmatch’ error when trying to merge a data table from an output of a document understanding process.

I have a feeling I am selecting the wrong column format in my datatable against that of which the taxonomy is. They are both some form of date formats but I am unsure which of the many date formats I should be using to match that used within the Taxonomy Manager.

Run your automation in Debug mode, with a breakpoint on the Merge Datatable activity. Then when it pauses you can use the Locals panel to look at the datatables and see what the datatypes are of the columns.

@postwick his only seems to say the type as ‘Date’

Post the error message. You have to give us details or we can’t help.

Merge Data Table: .Date of birth and .Date of birth have conflicting properties: DataType property mismatch.

.Date of birth is type Date within Taxonomy manager and currently System.DateTime within my data table I am matching it to.

@postwick I also have the same error when I set my data table to date format UiPath.Core.Activities.DateFormat

UiPath.Core.Activities.DateFormat is not a format, it’s a method. Note the word Activities.

Both the columns you’re merging need to be the same datatype - either date or datetime.

Would you be able to show a screen shot of which Date format to assign?

It depends on your needs. If you only need the date portion (ie month, day, year) then use Date. If you also need the time portion then use Datetime. The point is you can’t merge columns of different datatypes.