Date format turned into hashes


I get this output of date column after a Join Table output

And I find that it messes up the read range activities in future.
Before the Join Table output, the dates are shown in dd-MMM with a value of something like 04/25/2021. After the output the dates are now covered with hashes with a value of something like 04/25/2021 12:00:00 AM.

What causes the hashes to appear? and is there a way to prevent the Join Tables from changing the format?


You could increase width of column in excel,
Go to Home => Format => Autofit Column Width.

i dont think so that could be the problem after reading it using read range activity.

Thanks for the lightning response!
and yeah widening the column widths seem to get rid of the hashes, I’ll just fix the formatting, much thanks on enlightening me :smiley:

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