@Gokul_Murali Do you have any idea to run macros.
Before reading file Run macro for specific column and make same format for all cells.
Then read the excel file.

Do you have any workflow regarding this

Hi @Gokul_Murali
Try this
Convert.ToDateTime(CurrentRow(“Service Date”).ToString).Date.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)

I hope it helps!!

@Gokul_Murali let me check please share excel file.


This expression will not take if the cell format is text,

this expression only work for the cell with date format.

@Gokul_Murali Can you share that Excel?




Check this source

I just used a normal process flow i will move this to the REFRAMEWORK flow, and let you know if there is any error.

Iam getting an error like this when i try to move this to reframework

@Gokul_Murali Did you create a variable datevalue as DateTime?


Brother still the same issue
same issue happening when i moved to reframework workflow.


can you help me out on this

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@Gokul_Murali are you not able to solve your problem?

did u select preserve format ? while reading the data from excel

nope brother


First try using format cells and set the format as text and then read the range and check if it solves


@Gokul_Murali will design solution for you.
But tomorrow i will be able to send you.


Guys i used an activity called Date formatter under the package “NovigoSolution.DataTableDateFormatter.Activity”.

Now it is working fine, irrespective of excel row format.


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