Date format from un structure to structure Date format

hi, i have excel file in that column C is un structure date format , i want to change to this “dd-MM-yyyy” format , i am unable to change using excel automation
how to do to change using this format ?
can any one help this .

image dateformar.xlsx (9.4 KB)


getting error like above


Please follow below steps,

  1. Select entire C col,

  2. Go to Format cell window,

  3. See result,

you can do ui automation in excel application or you can choose your way…


the way explained by @Pankaj.Patil is recommended to be checked as well
following activity can be used for this:

working with fromOADate method does require to convert columnvalue into a double
Give a try on changedDate | DataType: Double

i want to do this process using excel automation. on of my project is based on this.

@Anand_Designer - Were you able to resolve it as ppr advised?? I just tried as per instructions shared above and it worked…


Note: Your sheet has some data after some 100 rows which was causing the problem for me so i had to clean up.

@ppr @Pankaj.Patil
it is not resolved me. i tried both methodDateformat - (509.6 KB)


I’m able to do it, please find attached xaml file.
DateFormat.xaml (22.7 KB)


i have change code it is working but after executing i am getting error like below.

DateChange.xaml (12.5 KB)

empty strings cannot be converted into a double. So you have to check, enhance or filter the data

how to enhance or filter the data if empty Rows?


enhance: depends on of a strategy can be found to use a default date. But here we do not know your process / Requirement constraints

handling: in some processes we do filter out the non valid rows send it to Agent for manually corrections and resend it for processing

below data is the culprit …I am not sure whether it is needed or not? if not needed, you can cleanup manually and then run the code…