Date format changed after data scrapping flow

Hello all,

I am scrapping table from web portal but after scrapping my date format is getting changed.
please check and advice

below is the screenshot


After scrapping data will be write into excel and when i am using excel data for next flow its showing 5th January into 1st May

so please help

Hi @manish.patel

It is issue with the formatting in excel

Even u are scrapping date in dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm pm/am. But the excel cell is convert it as

mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm

Are u using excel application scope.for writing the datatable ,?

yes, i am using excel application scope

Then try with workbook write range to write the datatable into the excel

Let’s see whether it works

yes tried with workbook append range but still same results

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Hi @manish.patel

Check this to change cell format of excel

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