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Hey Team
I need date like 01.currentmonth.currentyear to 01.currentmonth.currentyear(-1)Privious day
How I can get this?

Hi @Kuldeep_Pandey
Give a try to this
date1=New DateTime(now.year,now.month,01).ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy”)
date2=New DateTime(now.AddYears(-1).year,now.month,01).ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy”)


Can you specify the format of the current month & thecurrent year? are they like March or 03?

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Do you need last day of previous month? if so then pls use below code:


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Sorry I want 01.current month.currentyear to like current day date(-1) like today is 10 so Output like
01.03.2023 to 09.03.2023

Hi @Kuldeep_Pandey
Check this
date1=New DateTime(now.year,now.month,01).ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy”)
date2=New DateTime(now.year,now.month,now.AddDays(-1)).ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy”)

Hi @Kuldeep_Pandey ,

If the interest is only with the String Representation and if no need to store the values as Date type, then you could check the below Expression :

Now.ToString("01.MM.yyyy")+" to "+Now.AddDays(-1).tostring("dd.MM.yyyy")

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