Date field from Excel sheet to webpage Automation

I am trying to take DOB value from Excel sheet to Web page.
Using Type into Activity in the Text as .Tostring.
But on the Web page it is giving me some random number instead of date.
How to get the date value as is to Web page.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Hi @Radhika_Lagadapati welcome to forum

Can u share the screenshot of how the date is coming as output?

Hi @Radhika_Lagadapati,

A simple trick is to ensure that you check the property “PreserveFormat” when reading data from excel. (See yellow mark in the image below)
This way UiPath will read the string/number as is in the excel sheet without changing formats. This is very useful function of Read range and other read activities like Read PDF text etc.


Hope this helps!

Thank you Jeevith it worked.

Thanks Nived.
PreserveFormat option worked.

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Regarding the number, you can check below for your reference

Hope this helps you


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