Date extract error PDF to Excel

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i would like to extract below attached PDF to Excel file. i have tried but it is not coming as expected. Please help me. i have attached PDf for reference.

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Book1.pdf (24.0 KB)
Book1.xlsx (9.5 KB)

PDF table extraction is tricky and depends on a lot of factors.
You can extract text and build a data table by splitting on new lines and tabs or fixed spaces etc. This method is not always reliable.
Using Document Understanding will give you better results when reading tables in PDF documents.

@grkiran2 Since im new to UiPath, Im not sure where to start and how to start build the workflow. I referred some of youtube videos but it is not working as expected.

Hello @niranjan.kummara ,

If there is a single pdf file, you could try . It’s free.

or get an Adobe with license. Then you have the possibility to export the pdf as excel. And perhaps these sequence (use adobe with license and export the pdf as an excel file) is what can be done with UiPath.

The data scraping from your .pdf format type doesn’t work.

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@Marius_Puscasu I have tried with Adobe with License but with the huge data i got the blank file.

@Anil_G kindly help me on this bug

@jeevith I tried with as per your blog but i could see it is not reading as PDF file attached here. Kinldy help me

Hello @niranjan.kummara

Please check this post published today by UiPath:

It presents 15 interesting use case scenarios.

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Hello @niranjan.kummara ,
I recenlty needed to create a process to extract data from pdf to excel.What helped me is this guide.
Hope it helps you

@Marius_Puscasu Sure, i will check thanks a lot for the info

@DimiG Sure i will check