Date condition - get first item

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I have a datatable that contains values with projects current deadlines and people the projects are assigned to (this is an excel file for which data gets added on a daily basis, except for column C and D (my question here is about the bot filling in the values in column C):


Next, I have an excel file with names of employees and the sector.
For example:

The first name for sector “food” in the 2nd table is “John”. The bot should check all rows of datatable 1 and if there is one project where the current deadline - date of today > 25 days, then it should not fill in the name of John as his workload is to high. It should then check the same condition for Selma and so on (for the first 4 as the sector is “food”). In this example, the bot should fill in Paul (not Dirk as he already has a project with a deadline > 25 days away from today) because he is the second priority for sector “Drinks” and is available for work.

@yannip Please also post some data according to ur requirement.

Hi @Manjuts90
I edited the post with an example. I hope it is more clear now.

@yannip John is assigned to mutilple projects rights on what basis u calculated number days before assigning to multiple projects.

That’s something that happens in a later phase. If he is available then we give him a deadline of current deadline + 3 days for the new project. But what you see now is a backlog, before the bot is in production.

The point here is that someone can indeed have multiple projects assigned. But he cannot get a new one assigned if the current deadline is more than 25 days later then today.

@yannip can u upload both sample excel sheets?

Sure, please find the attached excel in attachment with two sheets.RPA.xlsx (10.0 KB)

@yannip sorry for late response i occupied with some work. Should we check for sector also. we have to look for name if sector is matched.

Hi @Manjuts90
Thanks for your time and effort but I found the solution in the meantime :).

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