Date Change

Hi Team,

I am trying to compare two dates
08Apr88 with 07/04/1988

07/04/1988 - This date reading as month/date/year. I want in Date/Month/Year format.


@robotics Converting date

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Hi @Robotics
Try with this buddy

this will give 07/04/1988 as 04/07/1988

Cheers @Robotics

If i use the above line of code i am getting the solution but for another date it got the format as
8Apr88 if i use the above line of code getting error as

String was not recognized as a valid datetime
my code is in Assign
acOpenDate= Datetime.ParseExact(“07/04/1988”,“MM/dd/yyyy”,System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)

acOpenDate declared as String

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may i know what two date values you want to compare between @Robotics
kindly mention their format as well pls
Cheers @Robotics

I am comparing 2 dates
Date1 : Hardcoded - 04/07/1990. I have converted this now it is 07/04/1990
Date2 : This date i am fetching from a mainframe application. Getting the date as it is Apr0888.(mm/dd/yyy). I want this date also to be changed as 08/04/88

While converting the Date2 i am getting the above said error (String was not recognized as a valid datetime)

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to convert the Date2 we need different one as the format is different
so for that we need to mention as

make sure that you are getting the value from mainframe in this format Apr0888, MMMddyy, buddy

Cheers @Robotics

were you able to convert now @Robotics
any issue still

Yes still the issue exists. A small change i am getting the date format as 8Apr88.
My code is
Error is :
Source Assign
Message : String was not recognized as a valid date time
Exception Type : Format Exception

Variable acOpenDate declared as String
Any changes i need to do further ?

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No worries
If the date format is 8Apr88
then we need to mention as

Now its converting, but if i provide the hard coded date as


The datetime represented by the string is not supported in calender System.GlegorianCalendar

My code is

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buddy @Robotics
there is no month of 30, thats why
we have to mention the hard corded date as
05/30/2019 to match the format mention here


kindly try this and let know @Robotics
you were almost done

Ok Palani the above error gets solved. But still the functionality is not good

EX :
Date1: 07/04/1987 < Date2: 08/04/88 : Output is Date1 is LESSER than Date2
Date1: 07/04/1987 < Date2: 08/04/88 : Output is Date1 is GREATER than Date2
Date1: 07/04/1988 < Date2: 08/04/88 : Output is Date1 is GREATER than Date2 - WHICH IS WRONG
Date1: 09/03/1988 < Date2: 08/04/88 : Output is Date1 is GREATER than Date2 - WHICH IS WRONG

It is working fine for year, but when it comes to date and month its getting failed. Need your help:-(

I have done some changes now date and year are fine. Only month is not working correctly.

Date1: 09/03/1988 < Date2: 08/04/88 : Current Output is Date1 is GREATER than Date2 - WHICH IS WRONG

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May i know the logic been used in if condition along with statement used in output @Robotics

Current code itself is working fine now. Thanks Palani.

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cheers @Robotics
kindly close this topic buddy that would help others