Datatable Visualizer Activity - Proof Of Concept?

So guys I want you guys to give me a poc for this activity idea

I was thinking to make a custom activity where the activity will show a table ui popup or window from datatable

Here user or developer can view the data that is been in the datatable or can edit it , when editing is enabled the data will be saved into a new datatable as an output

I think there could be two use case

1:- where Devloper can quickly check the data it is getting while developing and debugging , a better alternative to write down a sample Excel file or getting details shown in a message box or in logs

2:- If there is a buisness process requirements where user have to confirm the data or if needed have to edit the values , this can be useful

I was thinking to make two activities

1:- a configuration activity where all this settings can be done for only once

  • Show how much data to be seen in the visualization in rows (10,50,100,200,etc or all)

  • If Editing is enabled or disabled

  • Automatically created a output file of a json or any other kind of configuration file that will be storing all this configuration and can be changed in the file directly if needed

  • Or giving a output of configuration variable that holds all the config for the activity

2 :- The main visualization activity

  • Input either the variable that is been passed by the configuration activity or the local file , whichever that I will implement

  • Input ofc the datatable

  • output two bollean value,1) if able to successfully visualise the data 2) If editing is enabled and there is any data that has been edited

I was thinking that in the editing part i should add 4 options

1- Changing values of a particular row data
2- changing column names
3- moving coulmns by using the dragaable dots (like in multiple assign)
4- Moving rows by using the method mentioned above

These is my idea , please guys feel free to give me suggestions, please I need your suggestions over this , as I have never created such a complex activity

Also one question, I was thinking to monetize it in some way , please could you guys tell me.if it’s a good idea to monetize this activity

If yes which monitozation strategy should I use

1:- One time purchase (Marketplace)
2:- Subscription, monthly or yearly (Marketplace)
3:- Free to download but have to pay a subscription or a one-time fee for unlocking a special feature(Api probably)

Hi @indiedev91,

Great to see you are in the brainstorming mode.

I would advice you to re-evaluate your idea.

The feature sets you describe can easily be natively performed using UiPath form activities where you can send in a datatable and the user can modify the data in the form pop up window.

Now given that your idea has a native solution in UiPath studio, If you are thinking to monetize your solution, you have to think about the person buying your component. If there are workarounds already available, why would they pay to use that component? What additional features do I offer? Etc.

However if you have another alternative solution this is a good way to build a profile by offering your solution in the free tier and later develop it further with additional features and maintain one paid and one free version.

Case in point are BalaReva activities (from @balupad14) which are prime examples of successful strategy. He first tested his activities on a free tier, developers liked it a lot and then came up with paid versions.

I wish you great success in the marketplace. Do post a link to your components in the RPA Discussions section of this forum.

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Thanks a lot for that answer, really mean it

well yes i even consider that the form can be used to acive the same thing , but for that you have to build the layout from scratch, here you get a defult layout to view datatable quickly in the debug , also same for clients (but the use case are low for clients)

for the monetization , i dont think this activity can be monetized, as im not providing any unique value , just a more sophisticated way to view a datatable

Well in the end , thanks a lot for the review , i will surerly let you know once this is on market place

Hi @indiedev91 ,

Your idea is great. Already I have published a packages which is having the basic feature. Here is the link. Now I am developing the windows version.

To @jeevith ,

Your explanations and suggestions are nice. But you misunderstood my package publishment. I never applied any strategy in component publishment. Component development is my passion. I never tested the activities with the developers(Specifically forum users). It may have some errors. Because I use a different cases to test components. But user will have different cases. It is one man development. It is not developed by team. Some of packages that I have developed for forum users request. Below I have attached a sample link . When you have free time, take a look. Still now, I never earn a single penny through the packages.

In enterprise version and normal versions are not same. In the Enterprise version I have included a lot of new activities. It took a lot of work. so many days development. That Y I have made it as paid one.

Thank you


Thank you so much for your pov on the monetization of the activity

Hi @balupad14,

I remember some months back looking at the paid package and assumed things when I posted above. My appologies for the incorrect information. I have striked out my comments in the previous post.

I know first hand on how much work goes into such component development. Thanks again for your continued contributions.

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