Datatable to Web application process

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I have a Excel sheet which has the navigation steps to different tabs of a web application.
For example : Column1 has
2. Personal Info
3. Business Info

These are the steps which it should follow in application.
The process should be like first read the excel and then follow the step of login ,go to personal info tab, then Business info and lastly logout.

Can anyone suggest how to get this process ?

Hi @Abc_Xyz1

You create 4 xamls for each of the actions, you read the excel file & iterate through the data. Inside the for each loop, you can take 4 separate if conditions & check for the row(“Column1”) data. Based on the steps, invoke the workflow accordingly.

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Hi @Abc_Xyz1

The easier way you can do is below steps.

  1. Read Range: Read the Excel file into a DataTable variable.
  2. For Each Row: Loop through each row in the DataTable. a. Switch: Check the value in the first column of the current row. i. Case “Login”: Add steps to open the web application, enter the login credentials, and navigate to the “Personal Info” tab. ii. Case “Personal Info”: Add steps to navigate to the “Personal Info” tab. iii. Case “Business Info”: Add steps to navigate to the “Business Info” tab. iv. Case “Logout”: Add steps to logout of the web application. b. End Switch
  3. End For Each Row


I didn’t get you. For eg if the process has to go to Business info tab the excel would have the details of start step . business Info might not be the main tab it might be under any other tab.
Login–> Main tab–> Business Info sub tab.

Hope this helps in understanding the requirement


Since you have already invoked the login workflow from step 1, you can continue the action when the loop comes to the business info tab. You can even pass the browser variable (homepage after login) to the business info invoking workflow, so that the remaining actions can be carried out.

Edit: Attaching the design workflow for your understanding. You observe how the login page xaml can be tangled with personal info xaml by passing browser element between them.

Test5.xaml (11.0 KB)
Login Sequence.xaml (5.6 KB)
Personal Info Sequence.xaml (4.1 KB)

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Cannot open the xaml. It says Document is not valid