with Regex

Hello Everyone,

I’m totaly new with Regex System and i don’t find any answer on internet, but can we used regex system in ?
If no, in case of big data, how can we filter this, without used specific value? I don’t know if i’m clear, but i tried to filt my data with pattern text, some idea? :slight_smile:

Thank in advance

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Linq query will help you in case of filtering large amount of data. If possible, please share some more information.

Well i had no information yet, i just making some search “in case of”

I was reading thing about Linq query i guess that can help a lot, but did you know if we can used regex in select? Imagine tomorrow i have to work on an data who get random value in each row but used 2 different pattern, and i want only one pattern, how will you do that?

One again it’s some question i asked to myself and i still get no idea how to deal with it if one day i had to work on those thing with uipath, i just prepare myself :slight_smile:

Thank already for the linq query tips :slight_smile: