Datatable object is not Excel, so why are two conflated?

I’m doing some searching for how to manipulate a datatable, and I keep finding forum posts about people using the term interchangeably with Excel sheets. Is that what people do in UIPath-world, am I misunderstanding something, what’s going on?

For example, currently, I’m trying to figure out how to delete rows from a datatable so that when I write the datatable to CSV, all I see are rows that I want. But I find several forum posts about Excel:

While I’m still working out this particular issue (it may or may not be a good example), my previous attempts to find information about datatables have also all been conflated with Excel sheets or workbooks.

I wasn’t able to check all the threads you shared with that link but anyhow for the first three
If you see mostly when there is a need for manipulating data in excel file we get that as a datatable and then do changes in it, write that back to excel file
Yes though they look conflating the main reason is the feasibility that we have when using datatable
Because once the excel when read with READ RANGE activity thus giving a datatable we can use n number of methods in it to get the desired output in just one simple assign activity

But if we rather try to do all the things with excel and it’s application itself here it takes lot of steps like either using hot keys or macros

That’s why datatable was brought to the picture and thus manipulation done here and written back to excel file

Datatable is used while creating workflow but to show that as a output we are taking excel back

Cheers @Robot.Builder.9001