DataTable Normalization

In my scenario, i need to add all Different ID’s together (Normalization) in the datatable
ID Amount
A 20
A 260
B 300
B 100
B 600
C 100
D 60
D 05

Expected output DT
A 280
B 1000
C 100
D 65


Can you please tell more details. what you want to do there ?

Hi @saikrishna1

Use this workflow this might helpweb.xaml (17.1 KB)


Let us assume to create datatable using build datatable activity and adding the values which you have mentioned

Then try this code

dtTest2 = (From p In dtTest1.Select
Group p By ID=Convert.ToString(p("Id")) Into GroupA= Group
Select dtTest1.Clone.Rows.Add(GroupA(0)("Id").ToString,GroupA.Sum(Function(r) r.Field(Of Int32)("Name")))).ToArray.CopyToDataTable

Using output datatable and print the value from datatable.(dttest2)


Pradeep Sridharan


Thanks for the solution, its working

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