DataTable.Merge returns "Expression does not produce a value" Error


Browsing through the forums I encountered this error a fair few times, but none of the solutions seem to work in case of merging Data.Tables.

When I try to use the ‘Invoke Method’ activity I get the following error:

“‘DataTable’ does not have a public instance method named ‘Merge’ matching the parameter types, generic type arguments, and generic type constraints supplied to InvokeMethod ‘Invoke Method’.”

This is what it looks like in UiPath


Thanks for your time.

Have you considered using the “Merge Data Table” activity?

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Also, I think you are getting that error because your Parameters are wrong. You should have one datatable as an In argument of type DataTable.

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Thanks for your reply!

I forgot to input the parameters indeed.

The parameters should look like this:


Where the value (ExtractDataTable) is the DataTable that will be added.


And the TargetObject (FinalTable) is the DataTable that will be updated.

I’ll try out the ‘Merge Data Table’ activity as well.

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