How to identify same names are present no or more than one time in a datatable and a raise exception regarding that?

can you elaborate more on the question?

In the image u can find CE-Center multiple times and I need to consider RE also while fetching data, after fetching I need to check that CE Or RE data present Zero or more than one in the table. If it is zero or more than one I need to raise an exception.

Thank you.

Hi @Aditya_Srinivas,

An approach can be using Filter Datatable activity where you consider filtering for values where CE or RE is found and keep them in a filteredDatatable.

Later you have to check how many rows exists in the filteredDatatable and this depends on your business case.

You can repeat the same approach for either CE or RE.

You probably will get some answers in Linq but for a simple logic like this, standard activities are better suited and easily maintainable.


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Hi you can try this as reference and you can change the DATAS on paramfile
and you can trow exception after the message box and use this as a invoke workflow with arguments

im not good with LINQ still learning so i use normal activity

best regards

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Hi , any suggestion for me who dont know about linq or regex on where to start and where to learn?,
i wnt to make my code be more effecient

Hi, Ahmad

You can learn Regex from In that website everything is clearly mentioned. If you have any doubts you can just watch videos of @RAKESH_KUMAR_BEHERA (ExpoHub) in Youtube.

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Hi @Ahmad_Rais,

The only way to learn and retain what you learn is by being hands on. Practical experience beats theory everytime.

I suggest you look at Advent Challenges 2020 there are 8 very good problems to solve where you will learn about 80% of techniques in the field of RPA.

I enjoy tutorials but don’t watch too many. Tutorial hell is a real thing. Tutorials are usually basic and can give you a false sense of mastery over a topic. They can only teach you so much.

Even when you watch tutorials, sit down and code along with the tutor. Later take a problem you have and use the techniques you learnt. Consistent deliberate practice is the way to mastering a topic.

Last but not the least, documentation is your dearest friend. Be it any programming language, you will find tons of documentation on how write concise effective code. But this comes with time and repetition. Don’t worry about effective reusable code when you start learning something new.


thanks for the ssuggestion