Datatable item values not matching

Hi All,
I am passing values in form which I am storing in datatable.
after storing them in datatble my requirement is to check whether the accountno1 matches with accountno2 of datatable.
But after passing same accountnumbers in custom form and checking that firstvalue matches with another or not still i’m getting result “diff” in messagebox which should be same.

accntnumber amount
12345678 34
12345678 12
23456 33

logic I have used:

assign accNumber=string.empty
then I used foreach row in dtOutput
testFlow.xaml (36.5 KB)


use equal operator

accNumber.equal(string) like that

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@somya177 try this assign accNumber=""

@somya177 Use a If condition inside a for each loop to ignore the first value, once you have the data in a folder store the previous value in a variable and compare it with next row item.