DataTable insert in existing Excel. Second or last sheet created


For example I have a DataTable and I need import it in existing Excel file.

Usually it is inserted as the first sheet, is it possible to change the location to the second or last when importing? (587.6 KB)

You can write one file sheet data into other file sheet or in same file other sheet
Using Write range
Use Read Range for reading data which u want to copy
then Use write range to paste it in other sheet just use proper names of sheet

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To be honest, I did not understand a bit. In the attachment (zip file) added an example when the data is exported, it automatically goes out on the first sheet, but I need to go to the second or last excel sheet. Or maybe there is some kind of manipulation to change sheets in excel file…

I saw your workflow
Why u have given a range like this A1:E1
Just type “A1”
And give me the expected output