DataTable information not being transfterd through Invoke

Hi All,

We have been testing the newest Community Editions (2019.10.3 and 2019.12beta) and we have started to see a recurrent error. It’s not easy to replicate (it seems to happen randomly) but in some occacions, UiPath studio won’t be able to transfer out a datatable from an invoked workflow (it returns a Null datatable). Has anybody found a similar issue? Could it be a bug in the newest editions? I’ve been using UiPath since its 2016 version and it’s the first time it’s happening.


That would be very weird, are you sure is not something you are doing by mistake?

Hi, I know it make seem like it but I have a team mate with the same issue. After debugging, it is clear the dataTable is loosing its data and not being transferred properly as an argument. The problem is not concistent (it doesn’t happened everywhere), but when it happens somewhere we haven’t been able to find the issue.

and did you test also with some other data types? are you using isolation mode on the invoked flows?

So far, we have only observe this issue with datatable. No, we were not using isolation mode.

ok, i will give this some testing to see if i can reproduce.