[DataTable] Get value from adjacent cell if condition is true

Hi friends,

I would like to ask help regarding my problem with a vlookup like process. I am looking for a LINQ solution for this. Please help.

DataTable A
| Item | Category | Description |
| 1 | House | Mansion 1 |
| 10 | Car | Horse 1 |

DataTable B
| Item | Client | Business |
| 10 | ClientA | Automotive |

I’m currently using for each row to loop through DataTable B and I would like to get the value of column in DataTable A if the value in column matches on both data tables. LINQ. Thank you.

I know you’re asking for a LINQ solution. But I would advise to just use the Join Data Table. Something like this:

If you do a Left Join on DataTable B, then you will be able to look up all the values against DataTable A.

Thank you @oddrationale, I will be trying your proposed solution first and I’ll update you if it is a success.