DataTable - false columns being added in bot, not Orchestrator

Hi all,

I’m building a DataTable of Excel sheets and merging them together. In the actual script, I’ve deleted all columns in the “BuildDataTable” activity, and when running the script that merges each row in the sheets using a For Each, there are only the columns present in the Excel sheets.

However, when I publish the solution and launch it by an attended robot license, it seems to still have the standard values of column1 and column2, and thus has those in its’ data table despite not having it in the Orchestrator version. Anyone had this issue?


If your not doing anything with the builddatatable activity in terms of columns etc, just use an assign with your datatable variable name and then ‘New Datatable’

Also check the used range on the Excel spreadsheets manually using Ctrl + End and delete any blank rows / columns as necessary and save.

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