Datatable division

I have a column field “consumption” which has numbers in the excel
I need to enter the value of the column to the appropriate field

Note: the value which is going to entered should entered after divided by 1000

i.e, if the “Consumption” value is 100 in the excel ,I need to fetch the value from Excel and divide the value by 1000 and after that I need to enter the resultant value in the appropriate field

Please help with this …
Thanks in Advance

Hi @Sudharsan_AIT

Please try this

  1. Read you excel using read range and store it in datatable (variable name dtTable)

  2. Use for each row to loop the datatable.

  3. Create a double variable ( name doubleVal)

  4. In assign activity doubleVal = Cint(row(“Consumption”). tostring)/1000

  5. Enter the doubleVal in the field using type into activity…


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Sure bro will try this and get back to you

yeah bro works perfectly

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Bro can you help me with another task

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