datatable.DefaultView.ToTable(False,“Column Name”) does miss the last value

Hi all,

I am trying to write a column of my datatable back in my excel using datatable.DefaultView.ToTable(False,“Column Name”). This works perfectly fine for all rows (including duplicates) except the last row where nothing is written back in my Excel.
If I use the output function and a write line activity I can see, that in my datatable this row and column the value is given like I want it to have, but somehow it does not get written back in my excel.

Can you help?

Thanks a lot


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As per my understanding, it didn’t write last row values into Excel right ?

Hi @natalievolkert,

Check your write range activity if you have mentioned any range to write the data.

Yes exactly this is my problem

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Could you please show me screenshot of Write Range activity properties. So that we will check and help you.


This is how my write range looks


Thanks guys I found my mistake. It ist not in the write Range but beforehand when I filtered my Datatable with a skip. This somehow deleted my first row i needed to keep so it just was one row too short

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i hope the issue is with datatable
because write range will write what is given wiith
kindly check that once before write range activity
Cheers @natalievolkert

thats the issue
Cheers @natalievolkert