DataTable Comparision

am having 2 DT

  1. Daily DT - > which is change on daily basis
  2. Master DT - > writing the processed DT

Policyno state
123 Ind 09/07/2020
156 Ind 05/07/2020
129 Ind 09/08/2020
1642 Ind 07/07/2020

Policyno state Status botrun_Date
123 Ind 09/07/2020 Completed 08/03/2020
156 Ind 05/07/2020 Failed 08/02/2020
129 Ind 09/08/2020 Failed 08/01/2020
1642 Ind 07/07/2020 completed 08/04.2020

i want to compare the DT1 with MasterDT
condition :

  1. policy no matched in both DT and status is completed -> skip the row
  2. policy no matched in both DT and status contains the values other than complated(like failed) and botrun_date is not today i want to consider that row for the process.

can anyone help me by sharing xaml.


Hi @naveen19

Find this working xaml file (9.5 KB)

Output Screenshot

Note : If by chance you get “ CopyToDataTable is not a member of datatable ” issue then this link will help you to fix: AsEnumerable is not a member of ‘System.Data.Datatable’ Note


Thanks lot @Vishal_K its working :slight_smile:

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@Vishal_K bro when i try to merge the results with dailyDT am getting error as
Merge Data Table: .Policy and .Policy have conflicting properties: DataType property mismatch.
eventhough my headers are same

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