Datatable Column Update

Hi All,

I have two excels and both are large. (Means 2 Datatables)
Problem Statement is I need to update one column of Datatable 2 on the basis of one column of Datatable 1. I can do this in for loop but it is taking so much time which is not acceptable.

Please suggest me any workaround for this and if possible with example.

Paresh Borole

Hi Paresh,

Is there any relation in both datatable or common column values (Foreign key) on which you are trying to update?

Hi @anujmca31,

Yes i have common column values basis on which i need to update column.

Good, than you can use select query to update the datatable based on your condition with common column value.

Hi @anujmca31 ,

Can you please give me query example? I tried but not getting it right.

Hi @Paresh,

I am also facing similar situation. Did you get any solution on how to use update query on datatable?

Thanks in Advance,

Please provide Query statement or sample code