Datatable and web appliaion automation

Hi every one,
can anyone help please,
my question is “i’m trying to read the data from data table n put it into the website but its not working with Type into ativity”

whats the error you are getting?

Use a For Each Row activity on your data then select the column you wish to get data from

In For Each loop assign actitvities like this
for example
Name= row.item(“ColumnA”).tostring
Company = row.item(“ColumnB”).tostring
and pass it to type into activity

Then write these to your web application and move to the next row

WebAutomation.xaml (7.7 KB)
chechk this sample !

my automation is working partially i.e, there are three radio button which i need to automate and only one radio button is taking value from datatale and other two its not working n its showing selector not found

I’ve used it

can you send the screen shot?
of web and your selector?

ok ill check and get back to you
Thank you

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