Datatable always skips first row


i have a table which is read with headers and then when robot needs to start from first row it always skips it. Add headers is checked so I don’t really see the problem? I log the nuber of rows, it says it has 6 rows so that is okay but then it always starts hrow second row

exemple table:



Are you using REFramework here ?

Hi @markosc ,

Would you be so kind as to share a snapshot of the workflow or the workflow itself?

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Ashwin A.K

No. Also, the process worked fine few days ago

I can’t because the process is a lot bigger. I can say I use Excel app scope, read range using add headers and the in for each row in datatable do other activities. I log the name before anything and it always starts from second row or in this case MARY

Hello @markosc,

Are you using an increment of 1 after each transaction, I mean for example i=1, and after performing a row, i = i+1. Or something like that?

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Could you atleast share the reading range process, from where you have got the input and stored into datatable?



after that I use for each row in DT

i will check through and get back to you asap

It’s weird that one day it is working just fine, and the other day not. When I test it manually, works fin, when unattended robot starts the process, it skips the first row.

what you have initialized for “for each condition” can i know that?

I guess its proper until now, then it only depends on what you do in foreach row.

I would like to have more clarity, could you share your requirement with code so I can provide a proper solution

The variables were not assigned in multiple assign so I think that was the problem. I added log each row and assigned rows so now it’s working fine.

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