DataTable activity


I have to fetch data from database based on current date. After that, in case of multiple request for same ID it should be merged into one single row. .Example

RequestType ID Name watchlist RBcode
Core 1 A
IsWatchlist 1 True
RBCode 1 123
Core 2 B

Here we have 3 cases for same ID. Whenever the ID is matching, what I have to do is I need to update the values in the RequestType Core and make it as 1 row. Final result should be like this

RequestType ID Name Watchlist RBcode
Core 1 A True 123
core 2 B

please help

This is just a sample workflow, You need to change it according to your data. (27.7 KB)

Hi Karuna, Thanks for the reply. But my need is something else. I have added in Sheet6 of excel. Please helpEMP.xlsx (17.3 KB)