Datascraping issue


I loaded an excel file to data table. Read the 5th column in each row n paste it to search dialog in a ui. The ui will output results into a table.

I did data scraping on the table. The selector shows the correct table name too.

For the first row, its loading the search results correctly. But subsequent row search, the data scraping results are correct but columns are jumbled up. The first column goes to the last and this continues fot each row search till it reaches last column.

Pls help to solve this.


What app are you trying to scrape? Can you post at least screenshots?


In an excel sheet, i have 4 elements. I load it to data table. Then for each element, i paste it into a ui box n click query button. The output will be in table format which has 7 columns. I will then use data scraping to retrieve the table out and output into csv file.

In the csv file, the output columns are not in order…
For element 1 …i see…
column (in order)
for element 2…i see…
column (column 1 is at back)
for element 3… i see…
column. (column 1.2 is at back)
For element 4…i see…
column.…(column 1.2.3 is at back)

I am not sure why the data scraping function is pushing the 1st column to the last in each iteration. Pls help