Datascraping in PowerBi Desktop

Hi I am trying to do datascraping in PowerBI desktop from dataset as shown in blue circle of this image.
Any idea on this ?

@Prafull_B What kind of error do you get when you tried to data scrape?

Error :- “This control doesn’t support data extraction. Please select a table”

@Prafull_B The table you want to extract is not exactly a DataTable and that’s why you’re getting that error


Hi, maybe you could read thise data directly from SQL sever instead of Power BI, do you think it is possible ?


currently I m using Excel as datasource


I don’t know the purpose of reading values from Power BI app, but it won’t work, you should get those values from the source or from the published Poweb Bi chart.

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Did you get it completed? Because I also have to do something like it.

For now i used export button which exports data points to excel