Datascraping hover text

Hi, I’m trying to datascrape hover text with StudioX but I’m having trouble finding any information on how to do that.

I found this thread but I’m struggling to follow it because I think the UI has changed since it was posted (1 year ago)?

Here’s some pictures to illustrate what information I’m trying to extract:
Table Extraction data stream


So my aim is to have 3 columns with the text “data is missing” (red), “Data is zero” (yellow) or “Data ok” (green).

Thank you for any feedback you can provide!

the procedures / options of configuration are still the same also within newer projects running over the so called modern design.

Just retry the datascraping, click on no for retrieving the entire datatable and configure the correlated data. The modifications can be done during working with the wizard or afterwards as well

Thank you for the quick response Peter!
I found the properties tab and were able to follow along with your guide.

Unfortunately I am now stuck trying to understand how the “Extract metadata” and “Selector” should be properly configured for my goal. Do you have any information on that?

This is how I have configured it so far:

Specifically I am trying to detect if ng-scope is red.

ng-repeat="(key, value) in counter.dataStream track by $index" class=“stream-bit
ng-scope green
ng-class="{‘green’: value.status === ‘OK’,‘red’: value.status === ‘MISSING_DATA’, ‘yellow’: value.status === ‘COUNT_ZERO’}" tooltip-placement=“top” uib-tooltip-html="::getTooltip(key, value, index, counter.dataStream)"
ng-click=“openDataStreamDialog(counter, key)”>

Have sent you a PM

I was unable to datascrape this information trough hover text because of the JavaScript being used on the website, but fortunately I was able to work around the issue by using the "get attribute ‘class’ " activity which gave me the targeted information.

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