DataScraping - CSV files blank

I am just learning UiPath and Data Scraping and am having success when scraping ONE website to ONE CSV file. My issue is that when I try to scrape multiple websites, each to a separate CSV, within one sequence, the CSV files are either all BLANK or they all have the same results.

The sequence starts with Open Browser → Data Scraping → Append to CSV (writing to CSV 1), then another sequence starts with the same steps but a different URL and writing to CSV 2.

CSV 1 and CSV 2 will either both be blank, or both have the same data table.

Hi @gdoulis, can you verify if the path of csv is different for both the sequences.
Also please check if data has been correctly extracted by the website- Just do a writeline to get the datatablevariable.rows.count.tostring to check that.

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Hi name those row datatable different from each other
And also ensure that the NumberOfEntries property in the property panel of ExtractDatatable activity is set to 0 so that it will take all the values while data scrapping

Cheers @gdoulis