DataScrape not picking up all information unless I zoom out on Browser

Using Chrome and noticed the Datatable wasn’t picking up all the info, despite it being on the same page.
So I noticed that if I zoomed out in Chrome to 25% it picks up a lot more info but there is still the odd instance, where there’s that much info to scrape, it still misses data.

Is there any way to modify the properties of the data scrape to ensure it picks up everything?


Did you try with 100% zoom and check?


I did yeah, if I try and 90% zoom it picks up more data…if i select 50% zoom it finds more data still.

Hi @steve1977beyond ,

Could you pls confirm whether you are using Extract table data activity in studiox.
if you are not using any OCR concept to extract the table you dont worry on the website screen length or zoom out and zoom in.

Extract table data will work with the properties of the html tables and extract the information.

if you do not use extract table data. please use and extract your table and data and let us know. thanks.

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Thank you for your response, I’m using Studio and not using any OCR. Weirdly it also misses out a column on random areas too but what I am doing is not taking all the columns from the original website.
So I’ll play around with this and take all columns, then it cannot skip a column if it’s not having to pick and choose (in theory!)
Will continue working on it.

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