Datascrape multiple google searches

Hi everyone,

I have a question concerning datascraping multiple google searches.

My workflow looks as follows:

  • Take the required searches from Excel
  • Google each required search
  • Datascrape the title, url and description of each Google search.

I’m having trouble with the third step. For some reason, the scrape only works for the first search. I tried using the wildcards, however, this has not worked yet.

This is my workflow for reference. Main.xaml (15.7 KB)

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Kind regards,

Maybe you should use the google search API.
some requests per day are for free.

Is there no way to do this without API?

You can get all elements from one page with the dom tree. Select the main div for all answers and then use a „for each child“ loop.

API is way more easy and stable.

Did you every get this figured out… I am looking for this type of project… THX

@jmurphy444 Could you please explain your process?