DataScaping diffferent urls of a same website

I’m a beginner in uipath and came to know that datascraping only works for structured data.
I’m trying to data scrape 3 different pages of a website, all structed the same (according to me). I’m successful to data scrape 2 pages with the same data scraper but the data extraction results for the remaining 1 page is empty.
I have stored three urls in a string array and looping through it.
Do I need to create a different datascraper for that page?

These are the links I’m scraping data from.

Hey @Iqra_Salauddin_Chishty

If the data format or its a different site… You need to build different for that.

Hope that helps


any other approach to solve the issue? where i need not to build 50 scraper for 50 different websites?

Hello @Iqra_Salauddin_Chishty

So your datatscrapping is working fine for few pages and its failing when the page is blank. Is that the issue?

For navigating to the different pages have you given the navigation button? Instead of that you can click on each page and do datascrapping and include that inside a try catch.

Still I would say yes. You need to do something on generic and dynamic programming.

But to comment more on that we need to see some samples first on what you are going to perform the scraping!