Hi @alx114 !
If it is the last line of a list<System.DataRow> (let’s say called my_list), then maybe something like:

  • you create a System.Data.Datarow (called DR = new System.Data.Datarow)
  • you assign your last datarow of your list to DR, like: DR = my_list(my_list.count-1)
  • then you should be able to use the datarow to get your value (for instance: myselector = DR.Item(“nameOfTheColumn”).toString)

I don’t know if it works, but i would have tried something like that.
Let us know !

Hi Hiba_B!
Thank you for replying!
I tried No.2 , but an error occurred.
The content is “Type Double can’t convert to Type String.(Maybe…)”
What should I do?
I am sorry that my English is so bad.

Thank you. Alx

Your english is pretty fine !
Do you mind sending me the workflow ? (If it does not have sensitive data)

I have to strengthen my English ability…!
as for main subject, I was able to try again!
It was just that the parentheses were missing.
Thanks to you, the problem has been solved.

Have a good day!!

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Great !!
Don’t forget to mark the topic as solved, have a good day and happy automation :smile:

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