Datarow not passed while using multiple Invokes in For Each Row loop

Hi all,

I’m trying to automate data entry in SAP and encountered an issue when creating the second (I’m testing with 2 rows only currently) record. The same data from record #1 was entered instead. I’m using the following workflow:

Read Range from Excel
For Each Row in Datatable
-- Invoke workflow1
-- Invoke workflow2
-- Invoke workflow3

I can confirm that the arguments have been passed correctly, as record #1 was OK.

Upon debugging, I noticed that during the run for record #2, the datatable argument being passed into workflow1 was null, even though datarow was showing the correct data prior workflow1 being invoked.

I just wonder if I did anything wrongly, or this is not a recommended way. The easiest way is to just lump all the workflows together instead of invoking one by one, but I just want to know what are the possibilities.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Hi KG,

Was the datatype of your argument set as a datarow?